Wetter than Wet

Opening May 26, 16:00–18:00
Show Continues May 27 – June 16

Mayra Sergio
Elena Khurtova
Marie Ilse Bourlanges


The gallery will be open:
May 27
May 31–June 2
June 7–9
June 14–16

14:00 to 17:00 hours and by appointment
Oostzaanstraat 10, 1013 WK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+ 31 64 41 844 09


A collaboration exploring wetness and clay, condensation and landscape, distillation and thoughts, drops and circulation.

In the intimate space of gallery Josilda da Conceição, Mayra Sérgio, Elena Khurtova and Marie Ilse Bourlanges experiment with extracting moist present in matter. With a series of transformative sculptures, tactile prints and an in situ installation the three artists bring together a scope of their individual fascinations: condensation gets tangible, distillation becomes circulation, clay is erotically charged. It is hot. It drips. It flows from one to another.


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