How One Thing Leads To Another

Opening October 20, 16:00 – 19:00

show continues until November 24

Gallery Open
Thursday – Saturday, 14:00 – 18:00

and by appointment
Oostzaanstraat 10, 1013 WK Amsterdam

The Netherlands
+ 31 64 41 844 09


Elizabeth De Witt will be be showing a selection of her latest drawings and paintings in the gallery’s third space. De Witt explores the continuum between the present (image) and memory (afterimage). She is interested in how we are, how we aren’t, and how we can be present with the world and with the people around us. Her practice primarily culminates in the creation of drawings and paintings on paper, as can be seen in these works.


For this exhibition, Neil Fortune will show a series of sculptures that he made over the past two years. The textile and polyester-fiber made sculptures make through their organic shapes the viewer aware of his role towards the objects and the architecture their standing in. Fortune likes this idea of producing a stage within a stage, with you being part of this echo, in a playful but yet compelling manner. Presenting his works together as one installation, Fortune hopes to offer alternative ways of engagement when experiencing the work.

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Alina Ozerova placed two TV screens side by side, with videos showing men and their singing birds. Being part of a Surinam singing bird community, these men get together every Sunday. What is it? Sport, lifestyle or maybe friendship between birds and men? Ozerova is captivated by image and sound and while spending time with these community members, she made a documentary audio-visual installation of what she saw and heard. She was inspired by the listening of the birds and how they are following routes.


Marjet Zwaans creates installations wherein photography is used as a medium to analyse. Made for a specific exhibition space, she finds it fascinating how such a photo can remain interesting outside the original situation. In the photo series Out of Site Specific Context, she asks how the meaning and artistic value of a work can remain intact without the knowledge and context of the original exhibition situation.

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