The First exhibition at new gallery location:

The First exhibition at new gallery location:
(Oostzaanstraat 10, 1013WK Amsterdam)
Opening on Saturday January 20th, 16:00-18:00

Works on view:



5. Doll with a doll, 30cm-35cm, 2017

Beth Namenwirth,

Over the past year Beth Namenwirth has been making rather small paintings. She tries to make them as quick as possible because she discovered that speed improves the expressiveness and makes the paint looks alive. Also she likes the paint to be thick and rich, so one can really see that the image is painted. Usually she chooses a subject which she finds whimsicle, awkward or subjects she has strong feeling about. These can be everyday life situations or political topics. By combining several visual elements in the painting a new artificial reality is created.Each simple everyday objest and each person in her paintings is depictsed with visible pleasure and unmistakable humor.


1711 meine huette

Ben Van Der Wel,

Silverpoint is drawing with a sterling or fine silver pin on prepared paper (compare it to scratching a painted wall with a silver ring). This durable renaissance technique has mostly passed into disuse in favour of its manageable successor: the disposable fossil that is the pencil. Using silverpoint’s subtle contrast and brushlike weave lines in this age is conceptual: a much needed gentle emphasis on empathy and an ode to observing quietly. The drawings combine unique yet interchangeable images, personal photography, art, archaeology, nature, books as well as current affairs and social themes. Looking for rhyme in their structure, form and direction, through fragmented contrapositions and compositions, until they aren’t obvious anymore: an ambiguous, (more or less knowingly) graspable impression.




Jesse Muller,

 love pigeons. Everyday phenomena and objects fascinate me and I observe relations between nature and culture, history and present. Intuitively and through wacky compositions sticks, bricks, hands, stones,, mosses, vases, clay, skin, legs, wooden legs, movements, pigeons, gestures and spaces find their way onto my drawings and paintings. Sometimes they become abstract only to become even more abstract until but a pure form, the essence, remains.



JN T 20170530 NRC p19 hsl25 h45 025 lr

Jet Nijkamp

Works on drawings in charcoal and pastel: Earthly life is her main subject matter. At Josilda da Conceição Gallery however she shows for once a more topical subject. Under the title Dress Like A Woman she reacts on the White House decree under Donald Trump that women should ‘dress like a woman’. Asking herself how Trump, as a woman of his age and of his figure, would look like in a dress, she started to draw women’s cloths onto photos of Trump in 20 different national and international newspapers. Would Trump respect himself as a woman? Over a year she made these drawings and now a series of them is on show at the gallery. With the opening of the exhibition on January 20th, a once-only newspaper on tabloid (Tienstuks publishers) comes out, containing all the drawings she made since the installation of Trump on January 20th 2017. The publication will be available at the gallery. With this exhibition and publication Jet Nijkamp concludes the project Dress Like A Woman.




The gallery will be open on January 21, 25, 26, 27 and 1st, 2nd and 3rd February. 
from 14:00 to 17:00 and by appointment.

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